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Paint A Purpose

Paint a Purpose is soon to be a 501 c3. The idea came to me right before Christmas 2020 and will be implemented in the New year of 2021 once we begin partnering with nonprofits as well as officially becoming a 501 c3.


2020 was a year like no other for all of us with the pandemic, shutdowns or shelter in place. For many the impact continued with illness and for some loss of employment, residence, capacity to pay for things such as food, healthcare or numerous other necessities that we do not even realize.  The pandemic also created isolation, which compounded depression, domestic violence, substance use and suicide.

 I started Paint a Purpose to help shed light on both local Evergreen or Colorado nonprofits and national nonprofits to raise money to help with the cause, promote education for the cause, increase financial support and show that we can be a collective. 


I run a small residential painting business, Bear Paw Painters, in Evergreen, CO.  I take pride in what our team does, as we are creating change and often time joy with color in people’s homes.  I have a 12-year history in substance use disorder as a therapist, so helping others see or seek change is something I am also very passionate about. I figured, why not create exposure for these nonprofits through our team wearing promotional wear as well as educate our client’s with providing information from the nonprofit and last ask for donations.  The majority of people want to help. The majority of people can relate to the causes in some capacity. 


100% of the donations will go to the nonprofits we are supporting for that month. Each month we will have 1-3 different nonprofits that we will promote.  Each month there will be at least 1 local Evergreen nonprofit as well as 1 national nonprofit. 


We appreciate your support and partnering where Collective Kindness meets Creative Karma!


Erin Sudmalis, Founder

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