Meet The Team

I have been in the painting industry for over 17 years.  I have painted as both a full time career, as well as part time when I was in the substance abuse treatment field. I LOVE living in our beautiful community here in

Evergreen, CO and take pride in providing superior painting, both locally in Evergreen and the surrounding mountain communities, as well as throughout the Denver Metro Area.  

I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and I am very passionate about helping people whether it is giving them a whole new look with an amazing paint project or helping them help themselves with their journey into new found sobriety.  When I am not painting I am working on my Master's in Health Administration, skiing, hiking, camping with my daughter or walking my dogs out on our beautiful trails.  Integrity is a value I hold through every aspect of my life, which includes my work. 


Zach is originally from the Big Apple, but has called Colorado home for nearly 10 years.  Zach earned a Bachelor's degree from Metropolitan State University in Anthropology/Sociology.  Zach is creative throughout his life, where not only is he a painter but he is a musician/singer in a local jazz band.  Zach also has a huge passion for basketball, which he has played since he was a child.

Zach has been in the painting industry for a few years now, where he apprenticed a Master painter for the last couple of years.  Zach can cut a straight line like no other. Zach is quick where he has experience with the use of the right tools to complete the job more efficiently with not compromising the quality of the work.


 Eric                                                 James                                


Eric too is from New York, but grew up in Upstate            James brings a creative perspective and keen   

New York where his family still lives. Eric's dad builds       eye for detail to the team. Not only is James

custom log homes where Eric grew up understanding      creative, but has a background in fire rescue. 

the value of hard work and appreciation his finished         Jame is definitely the MacGyver on the team

work. In his free-time Eric is out in the river and.             where problem solving comes naturally. James

streams fly fishing. He and his family have been.             just began working with the "old school" camera

residents of Evergreen for many years where they.          & film where he is developing  his own film.  When

take love and pride in the mountain living.                When it comes to painting James understands that it

                                                                                               it is all in the details.

Erin: Founder/owner

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