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Painting Contractor Association Standards

PCA Industry Standards

Provide guidance for both the contractor and the client where the standards:

  • Provide the measure by which the quality of wall coating work can be evaluated by the consumer.

  • Protect the contractor by establishing limits on the extent and verifiable uniformity of a project.

  • Protect the consumer by requiring work that is free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations of coating applications.

  • Save contractors time and money when used and referenced in painting work bids and contracts.


Accountability, Integrity, and Clarity

We want your experience with Bear Paw Painters, LLC to be a positive experience from beginning to end. We strive to create an experience that is not only transparent, but also an experience where there is mutual understanding of both the goal and the outcome of the project.  Our PCA membership solidifies our values in: training standards, safety standards, painting standards and business operating standards.

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