Is your Company insured?

Yes, Our insurance includes general business coverage, with General Liability, Bonding and Worker’s Compensation policies.

Do you have a warranty? 

Yes, we have a limited 2 years warranty.

Please refer to Warranty tab under Resources

Can you help with other things besides painting, like wall and ceiling repairs, tiling or carpentry?

We have the ability to do light carpentry, drywall repair and wood replacement when required. Also, we can do tile repair, grouting and caulking. We also do gutter cleaning and pressure washing.  

During the holidays we would be happy to install Christmas lighting and Christmas decorations.

I’ve had bids before that are high, low and all over the place. Why?

The level of thoroughness, attention to detail, and quality desired, usually determines the cost of a job. For example, it costs more to properly prepare a surface for painting than to give it the “quick once over. We would be happy to review, in detail, our calculations for your project so you can make a fair comparison with other bids.

How much of deposit is required?  At Bear Paw Painters we ask for 1/3 of the cost prior to the start of a project.  This is to secure our time as well as pay for the cost of materials.  As we reach half way mark of the project we will ask for another third and at the completion of the project and your satisfaction the remainder of the balance.

Does someone have to remain home while the painting is being done?

No. This presents no problem whatsoever for us. We normally arrive on the job before you need to leave for work and special arrangements can always be made to pick up a key ahead of time if needed. We have never had a problem when it comes to the trustworthiness of our painters. Your home will be respected the same as it would be if you were there. However we also realize that many people are uncomfortable with leaving workmen in their house unattended. We understand this hesitancy by some and are not offended by that.

How often should you have to paint the interior?

Many factors can contribute to that. 1. The quality of the paint used is of the utmost importance. 2. The amount of traffic through a particular area. 3. Whether or not there are smokers in the home. 4. Is there a fireplace that is used on a regular basis during the winter months, and does the damper work properly? 5. How many children and their ages? There are too many factors to take into consideration, and each home can be different. However a good quality job done by a professional crew under normal conditions should last anywhere from 6-10 years. Call us and we will be happy to evaluate your particular situation and offer you a more precise answer.

How many painters will be in my home?

While every job is different normally you can expect a crew of 2-3 house painters.

What can we do with leftover paint from prior years?

You can save leftover paint for touch up if needed. You may never use it but you can never tell when a surface will get damaged or you need to make a repair at a water leak. Paint will stay fresh in a well-sealed can for many years. It can also serve as your record for which colors and product were previously used.

How do I select my colors?

When you decide to have us do your painting project, we will deliver a color charts to you. This will contain a variety of colors that you can choose from. We will give you ample time to make your color selection. We will pick up the color charts when the project begins. It is always best to hire a ‘color consultant’.

Which paint sheen should I use?

Paint sheens will have an aesthetic purpose and a practical purpose. Choose a sheen that you like but keep in mind that higher interior sheens are more washable and resist marking better. Generally, we use flats for ceilings; eggshell or satin for walls; satin or semi-gloss for woodwork. Most of our exterior projects are done with lowsheen or satin to ensure more durability.

Can you paint with rain in the forecast?  

If you are using latex acrylic paint you need at least two hours of sun for exterior paint to dry before the rain comes.  If heavy rain is forecast or several days of rain are coming in the next few days, you will need about six hours of good sun to dry the paint thoroughly enough to not be affected.  Paint will dry to the touch in one hour or so depending on the heat of the day.  It takes about five days of normal weather for paint to dry all the way through and for the paint film to reach its maximum hardness and durability.

If it rains before the paint surfaces dry the rain will wash some of the paint off that were painted last.  This is rarely a problem because the surfaces, when dry the next day, can just be repainted.

Exceptions to this rule would be if you are using oil base pant.  Oil base takes longer to dry and therefore rain should not be in the forecast for about 24 hours.  Oil base paint is not recommended on exterior surfaces in southern climates.  The oil base paint weathers very quickly in a sunny climate and loses its gloss and does not have the flexibility it needs to endure the hot sun.  It will generally crack and peel much more readily then acrylic paint.  It is also begins to break down in three or four years and becomes very susceptible to mildew which feeds on the resins in the oil base paint.  It is subject to rapid color fade and chalking.

How soon can you paint a house exterior after the rain?

Generally if the surface is dry to the touch you can paint the surface if using acrylic paint.  The acrylic paint allows small amounts of moisture to pass through the coating from the surface to the air.  It is a rare occurrence for acrylic paint to bubble due to moisture.

If using oil base, which is not recommended, you must have a perfectly dry surface which may take one or two good days of drying weather.

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